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Aug. 27th, 2011


too many weddings too close together

too many friends starting new paths in their lives

too many house guests

too much of my bosses FREAKING out and losing their tempers at or around me

too little sleep

too hot

too much accumulated SHIT

too much money spent

too many bills

stop stop stop stop please world for the love of god leave me alone for, like, a WEEK so I can recover from the emotional drama and physical exhaustion brought upon me.

I feel obligated to everyone.

I feel second best.

I feel like no one's prioritizing me the way I feel I should prioritize them.

Sure, I'll clean the bathroom.

And then I'll do a load of towels.

Meanwhile, my sleeping space remains an explosion of everything I need to clean up but no one cares whether I do or not.

And it's driving me crazy. I HAVE TO SLEEP IN HERE.

this summer is exhausting.

please fucking go away and never come back you piece of shit season.